Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A few technical difficulties....

Tulip's Kitchen is experiencing a few technical difficulties...she's is sick of cooking!!

Nope not really!!!

I've had laptop problems which led to having a new hard drive which in turn meant I had to re load EVERYTHING!!! Phone, tomtom, MSN all passwords and....ahhhh... do you know how time consuming that all is?? I'm talking about finding all the disks and downloadables you need to begin ..that with without the actual time to do it all! V. v. frustrating!!!!

Anyhoo...almost there, just need to reload my camera and my photo editing programme and I'm done. The camera is full of all February's meals, it has a few gems on it too. Recipes from the pampered chef's new 'Fast and Fresh' cook book along with all the cooking show dishes I've been preparing...not to mention all the IPD meals I've been eating during the this space!

A funny thing happened on Monday night, it made me blush, then it made me laugh. I was recognised as 'Tulip' from Tulip's Kitchen...surreal moment but a positive one that I thoroughly enjoyed!!! So I'd like to say a big thank you to Sarah for stopping the meeting and giving me my 5 minutes of fame and saying such nice things about my blog.
I get 100's of hit a day on here and the few comments I get are truly appreciated, but to get recognised in the street as it were, was extra nice! so thank you Sarah it was great to meet you!

Best wishes to you all

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tulip! It was great to meet you too! I think your blog is fab! See you soon! Sarah
now I sound like a stalker!