Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mid Week Update...

Started the week well, stuck pretty much to my menu...haven't needed to snack due to eating a proper breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Water intake is good and that's helping to keep me full.
We have had a layer of snow that hasn't defrosted for two days, just froze over again......I've seen kids outside my window, walking to school and they look like they are practicing a Torvil and Dean routine....so I'm staying in...no walks for me just yet....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

Monday's breakfast - cheese and mushroom Omelette's

Yesterday's lunch -Leek and Parmesan Soup

A little something I threw together...chicken, mushroom, little onion, all sauteed until chicken was cooked then added a large dollop of boursin garlic cheese and a splash of double cream, seasoned with black pepper and voila...the most unappetising photo in the world with the greatest taste...it had that real comfort food chunkiness about it...i could have eaten a second bowl if I'd had made enough


Marie said...

Great looking food Tulip! I ordered Bea's book and it should be here soon.

Anonymous said...

looks good - please can you put up the leek and parmesan soup recipe?