Sunday, 11 January 2009

2nd week!

Well its week two and I feel a lot less bloated, jeans are a little less tight and last weeks menu was going strong until it got to Thursday and went off to my pampered chef conference...It was a 4* hotel with a fabtastic restaurant...oooh the temptation, but while I didn't want to waste it I was very good, kept off the wheat completely, ate around the carbs and drank vodka, champagne and red wine. Breakfasts were of the cooked variety, lunches were salads, fish, seafood and cheese to follow...I did have half an apple with the cheese and an orange juice with breakfast but that's it!!! I'm very pleased with myself, no lemon tarts, no danish, no biscuits at coffee break no toast or croissants!
It did mean that I didn't eat everything from my menu last week, so will have to transfer some of it to this week...but hey, its tasty food I'm not going to complain!!!

I will weigh both of us tomorrow and edit this to add our weight loss (confident aren't I? lol)

So here goes...

Breakfast - Cauli mash and thick cut bacon
Snack - Not going to do any, didn't need it last week
Lunch - cheesy coleslaw with ham & cherry tomatoes
Dinner - Chicken & broccoli bake (made like the salmon one but using chicken instead)

Breakfast - Sausage & Scrambled eggs
Lunch - Beef & Tomato soup
Dinner - Bee's new Thai Fish Coconutty thing from the forum

Breakfast - Cauli mash and fried eggs
Lunch - Beef & Tomato Soup
Dinner - Another Sausage Casserole with Butter Cabbage (Page 158 in the Pink Cookbook)

Breakfast - Bacon & Avocado Melts (Page 56 Pink Cookbook)
Lunch - Oopsie Rolls with Cheese n homemade coleslaw
Dinner - Butter Chicken with buttered spinach (Page 148 in Pink Cookbook)

Friday - Paul's off skiing so meals for one after today's breakfast!
Breakfast - Full IPD English with mushrooms & Tomatoes
Snack - Nuts
Lunch - Flax seed crackers with smoked mackerel dip
Dinner - Bacon, Brussels & Brie (From the IPD forum on the sticky budget thread)


Breakfast - Cold meats and cheese, crackers if there's any left
Lunch - Celery and walnut salad
Dinner - Gammon with Stuffed Portobello mushrooms


Breakfast - cooked breakfast for one, which will be late so won't want lunch
Dinner - Roast chicken, roast celeriac, green veg, IPD friendly gravy.

I will probably move some of these dishes around to fit in with work commitments but its a basic start to write the shopping list from. Hope all those who are following along are doing well and the pounds are dropping off too!


Marie said...

Tasty looking menu. and do tell us more about your conference. I bet you had a fab time!

Tulip said...

Sorry Harry, I have deleted your post.
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