Sunday, 28 December 2008

Friends come for a curry!

We have been trying to arrange a time to get together for ages, but our busy schedules never quite allow it, but tonight I'm going to cook for and good friend and her son. I've known her for ever, but this is the first time she has been to mine for a meal, we usually catch up with each other while making coffee after Mass on a Sunday morning, so I'm looking forward to catching up and cooking some thing good for them.

I chose leftover Christmas turkey curry with fragrant basmati rice and these quick peshwari naan breads

I used Jamie Oliver's basic curry recipe but didn't use the lentils.
I served it with this basmati rice recipe flavoured with limes and cardamon pods. The peshwari naan bread recipe was also adapted...I added dessicated coconut along with the required ground almonds and sultanas. I tell you, I can't leave a recipe alone, I've always got to add or take away something. But as you can see by the photographs, it turned out just fine!
I served Moscow mules for the adults and coke and ginger ale for the kids.

Desserts were a selection of Carte Dor ice creams which were overlooked (!) for a chocolate fest of After 8 mint selections, black magic and lindt lindor irresistibly smooth milk chocolate truffles and coffee. We talked all night and I really enjoyed it, I hope they did too!

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Marie said...

What would Christmas be without a leftover turkey curry!!! Well done Tulip and those drinks look quite refreshly perfect to serve with a curry!