Thursday, 4 September 2008

One of my favourites

Onions, garlic, chorizo, diced bacon, tin tomatoes, some sort of beans (here I have used butter beans) Cannellini work well as do flageolet beans. Fry them all off in order I have listed them and cook for a further 10 minutes until everything has melted together then serve with grated cheese on top. In days gone past I would have served it on wholemeal toast, now I just put it in a bowl and grab a spoon. Its like a really thick soup...which is very comforting at the moment as it feels like winter outside, even though it is only just the beginning of September!!!


Marie said...

Hasn't it gotten very autumnal! There's a definite feel in the air! Hope you're well. From the looks of these beans you are eating well at any rate!

chris said...

Looks lovely Julie, but oh the fall out from all those beans....LOL

Tulip said...

No problem with those beans at all Chris....wheats my problem!!! lol