Friday, 5 September 2008

Not the best photo in the world but...

This is Bee's chunky mushroom soup which I wizzed so it would fit in the flask. I only tasted a spoonful of it but it was very different to my mushroom and walnut soup. The tarragon gave this a very different taste, not mellow like mushroom soups, this shouted MUSHROOM SOUP from the middle of the bowl...maybe I was a little too heavy handed with the herbs but it was what Paul calls "hard core soup" Big on flavour almost overpowering but still with that eat me factor...he didn't leave a drop and said he'd knew he'd had his lunch afterwards. [I have no idea what he means by that remark, you decide!!!
Anyway, a hit, even though I may play with the quantities of the herbs next time!

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chris said...

I love a good mushroom soup, and this looks fab.