Sunday, 28 September 2008

Jego's Nan's Seasoned Chicken

On Saturday, this free range chicken made its way across to Oxford in a cool bag and was very kindly seasoned by Jen's Nan. This lady is amazing, she is 76, as sprightly as I don't know what and has wonderful stories to tell about cooking that would keep me on the edge of my seat and listening forever!
She packed me off home with a large jar of her lime seasoning and a small jar of hot pepper sauce and the chicken cut into portions and seasoned within an inch of its life. All I had to do was roast it in a medium oven...oh the smell as it was cooking was lovely...the taste was hot, spicy and full of flavour and melt in the mouth tender. Now I don't like it too hot, for some reason it takes the flavour away for me and I just get the heat, but this was just right.
I can't wait to try out the jars on other and Paul were drooling over all the dishes we could make with this...prawns with the lime seasoning and coconut milk, salmon fishcakes seasoned with pepper sauce, to name but a few.
I haven't asked her if I can post the recipe and I'm not sure if she will let me, we were joking saying she should take a leaf out of the reggae reggae man's book and start bottling the if you'd like some, email me and I'll pass your order on!!! ;-)


chris said...

Oh Julie this is my kind of recipe. I love the flavour of lime with chicken, I must try this one. Green beans too....YUM

Lena said...

This sounds good- i do hope she will let you post it.

Marie said...

Looking good Tulip! I hope she will let you share the recipe! I could really go for that!

Raquel said...

I would really love that recipe. I am crazy for anything lime with chicken! Much love, Raquel XO

Jego said...

WOW, my Nan's recipes online, I love it! Nan will glady pass her secrets on but what I've learnt over the years is that it changes each time I watch her cook, I reckon it's sabotage so I never get it quite right!