Tuesday, 12 August 2008

This is the best recipe....EVER!!

Are you sick of me doing this recipe yet?

You have got to try this one....I have made this loads of times now, its quick, easy, tasty and very very good for you. You have your oily fish your green veg and its very low carb, what more do you want?
Margo - tell me when you've tried this...its very simple and if you get bored of slicing the cabbage, you can buy it ready chopped in Sainsbury's (I'm sure other supermarkets do it too!) LOL


Marie said...

So could we say that this is unequivocally, absolutely, positively, your FAVOURITE recipe of all time??? tee hee!

Tulip said...

Yep...I could....for now...till the next best ever one comes along! hehe!!

chris said...

Wish I ate fish, but Bob would love it. I love the look of the cabbage. Yum

Anonymous said...

Since seeing the first pic of the Salmon and Cabbage microwave dish I have really yearned for that book so I can try it!

Unfortunatly it will just have to wait, like my car repair and hair cut!
Gettheebehindme x

Anonymous said...

Although the recipe claims that it is the best..... ever!!, We have found that to be as far from the truth as the dish is to delicious. sub par at best. get some.