Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Chicken, Lime and Coconut Custard

While preparing this dish, the the smell was wonderful, with the lime juice and coconut it was so fresh, almost Thai like.

I had the urge to throw some coriander in it but resisted. I followed Bee's recipe exactly but sprinkled the stuff over the top before serving instead! Bee says to cook it until it still wobbles...think mine was a little overcooked, it didn't wobble and was a little dry. Maybe my bain Marie was a little too deep or my oven a little hotter, next time I will reduce the hot water line and turn my oven down a tad!

Great flavours though, very different to anything I've had before, but we really enjoyed this dish and can only imagine how nice it would be if it had still wobbled...definitely a custard texture instead of the bitty texture ours had. It hasn't put us off, I'm going to do this again and master that wobble!


Marie said...

LOoks and sounds great even without the wobble Tulip!

chris said...

Whats a wobble between friends....LOL Looks great Julie.

Sue said...

Wobble, wobble. Toil and trouble.....
It looks good Tulip.