Saturday, 2 August 2008

I've hit my target weight...but now am slipping!

I'm picking at stuff I'm not supposed to...I'm drinking beer...I'm scoffing croissants...I'm picking at work!
We have spent a few hours looking through this blog and remembering all the scrummy stuff I cooked back in January...WOW my mouth was watering. Paul has requested several of the dishes so its back to the beginning...I'm going to re do some of our favourites from the pink cookbook which will get me back into IPD mode I will then be able to concentrate on Bee's new book and pack us some scrummy lunches.
The first on my list has got to be

Spanish Chicken

Vegetable curry with cauliflower rice

Thai salmon kebabs on a bed of wilted spinach

Bee's chili with that fantastic topping! (how could I have never made that again?!)

If you are stuck for inspiration, click on the IPD link to the right of this page...there are over 100 entries of IPD food!

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Marie said...

I remember these dishes and they all looked so delicious. I still have to get is just getting so expensive. I am having to use up my store cupboard.