Friday, 1 August 2008

Didn't have any steaky bacon but...

... I made a slit in the chicken breast, stuffed it with cheese then wrapped it in stretched out bacon.

It shrunk and it didn't cover it quite as well as the streaky bacon does but needs was mid week and I wasn't going to go to the shop just for the right sort of bacon. I cooked it on my stoneware and the bacon was crispy the chicken moist with great cheesy oozy-ness! I served with with plenty of green veg.


Marie said...

Looks delicious Tulip! I often do something quite similar to this. Bacon and chicken, an incredible combination . . . and cheese, well, it's just heavenly!

Anonymous said...

I had this made for me last year for Christmas dinner it was gorgeous , I will definately have a go at this

WEE xx