Saturday, 28 June 2008


Received an email from Weemam while I was a way, this is what she said.

This is pictures of my salmon feta bake ( Bee's )

I did this one with bacon bits and mushrooms.
Not good enough pictures for your blog but I wanted you to see them - Weemam xx

I beg to differ Weemam....they both look truly scrumptious!


Sue said...

I beg to differ too Tulip, that salmon dish looks so tasty and good.

Anonymous said...

That looks great Weemam - I must try it!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Tulip weemam here , thank you so much for putting my pictures on your blog , Bee has made this WOL so easy for me , xx

Tulip said...

No probs Weemam! I agree, she (Bee)is an absolute star!!