Sunday, 29 June 2008

Curried Egg and Turkey Slice

All ready for the microwave

Cooked in just 3 minutes

How strange....never in a million years would I have thought this would taste does she come up with such concoctions??? Hard boiled eggs, coconut, curry for heaven didn't appeal at all. However I was in a rush and I had all the ingredients in the fridge so I went for it. Have faith, she hasn't let us down before!

So I assembled (pic 1)

...I nuked it (pic 2)

...then very gingerly took it to the table.

It doesn't look like anything I've eaten before and it didn't smell like anything either but it was surprisingly tasty, I used a Thai curry paste (that's all I had!) which went really well with the coconut. Next time I will try a regular one as suggested and see how much it alters the flavours. I'm hooked, this book is going to be a little bit more experimental than the last, with recipes I've never heard of but I've learnt to trust Bee's taste buds, they are marvelous! This, while looking strange and at first taste appearing strange, turned out to be a very moreish, quick and tasty dish to get on the table in less that 10 minutes. Another winner!

Just another interesting point, since starting on this new book, which now has me totally focused, I am losing again....after months of stalling. I'm sure its something to do with the fat / protein ratio....Bee's recipes obviously hit the spot on both points...way to go Bee!

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Bee said...

If you can grill it after nuking it does look better I'll admit :) However, I tried to make aa many of the recipes as possible work if you had to use the office microwave... I've got a complete addiction for this at the moment - it works with sliced beef or ham too.

Tulip said...

I understand your addiction to this, I have it too, loving the sounds of sliced beef...I could put thinly sliced tomatoes with it....yum! I have a grill on my microwave ...never used it...might get the book out and give it a whirl, although the dish doesn't last long enough to worry about its appearance! lol

Marie said...

Not sure about this one Tulip, haha. I have a grill on my microwave too, and I, too, have never used it.

Tulip said...

Seriously Marie, it tastes wonderful and its so easy to do, it can be done in the office microwave.

Bee said...

Sprinkling over some coriander leaves would improve the appearance too, I decided against putting that in the book because I thought it would be a bit of a faff taking a few leaves in a plastic bag.

Tulip said...

Appearance isn't everything when your in a rush and only have 1/2hr for lunch. Bee I think its great and looks much better than a soggy ole sarnie with limp lettuce and squished filling! lol Much much tastier too!

Best Refrigerators said...

This looks great!