Saturday, 7 June 2008

Thanks to those of you who emailed.. to ask if I was ok, I am...and those who thought I may have fallen off the pink path... I haven't ...but thanks for you concern though, it was very sweet of you all..
I started a new job this week, so I'm going to be cooking Monday to Friday 9-1pm...its great fun, and I'm trying lots of new recipes, but has taken a lot of my time this week.

I'm still cooking well at home and photographing where I can. I have now schedules my posts so you should get one each morning, whether I'm busy or not...keep your comments coming , I love reading them.

As for the PB I am getting to the end....only got a few left that for one reason or another I don't fancy, so until Bee decides to get a second one on the shelves…I’m stuck for ideas, so please feel free to point me to your favourites and I’ll have a go at doing them. I have picked up a few new salad ones so will be doing them soon. Right, I'm off to trawl the forum for new recipes.

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lifestooshort said...

Well done on the new job doing what you love and are good at!