Saturday, 7 June 2008

The difference between a good cookware and bad!

The difference is amazing, who would have thought it...well me actually, you get what you pay for and good quality costs that little bit more...

This one was cooked in a tin bun tin

... you could say the difference between a good chef and a better one could be down to the quality of his equipment! ;-)

This is the same mixture, cooked at the same time, in the same oven for the same length of time.

But cooked in a pampered chef stoneware muffin pan.


Marie said...

I wonder what the difference would be between a normal upright muffin tin and the stonewear one? They look good anyways, even the bun tin ones, mind you it's early and I am starving!

jancd said...

A regular muffin tin would have produced the same upright muffin as the pampered chef expensive one. Pampered chef merchandise is for the pampered chef--not the "watching the budget" every day family cook.

Tulip said...

Jan - As for the shape....I agree, but the stoneware muffin tin gave an even cooking, no cripy edges, sunken bits etc. I am an every day family cook and IMHO pampered chef stoneware with its 3 year guarantee is ideal as won't need to replace it every couple of years and it does a fantastic job every time!