Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Cutting Cauliflower 'Rice'

I have tried different ways to cut a cauliflower to make my 'rice'. Finely chopped, processor, cooked and uncooked, grating on a cheese grater, but each method ends up with the kitchen sprayed with mini cauliflower florets. Its a good job the end dishes turn out great, otherwise I may be inclined to give it up as 'too messy' a job!

Until now that is....a few weeks ago. I hosted my first Pampered Chef Party and loved the stuff so much I became a consultant. This is one of the things that impressed me sooooo much... the food chopper.
Chops everything as big or as small as you like!

Raw cauliflower and a clean kitchen top!

Cauliflower chopped and still I have a clean kitchen top!

Tipped out onto a board and the chopper all dismantled ready for the dishwasher and STILL no mess! All ready for the wok!
I have chopped this quite coarsely, but if you want it finer all you have to do is hit the plunger a few more times. So simple!
The first time I chopped broccoli, I reduced it to dust, the kids didn't even no it was in their regular pasta sauce.
Email me if you want me to tell you the price and how to get hold of one.


Raquel said...

Wow!! That is amazing. I have wanted one of those choppers for a while. Now I am convinced!

Marie said...

I LOVE THAT CHOPPER! MUST HAVE ONE! I used to have a simple hand held chopped, which was a sharp edged circle thingie. I miss it. How much does one of those set a body back?

My friends call me Tulip said...

£24.50 + P&P do you want me to order you one?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tulip , I bought my Mum something similar to this , she didn't use it and gave it back to me , It is still in the box at the back of the cupboard , thanks for reminding me , xx