Monday, 10 March 2008

Rhubarb U Fool

Lightly stew rhubarb in a little water until soft, drain (very well) and stir, breaking the rhubarb up. Mix with lightly whipped double cream. I didn't add splenda and although it was a little tart, I still enjoyed it.
Rhubarb Fool


Ellen said...

Sorry to use your blog to ask this, but has anybody any news on the website? I miss it and looking at Tulip´s blog always makes me so hungry ;-))

Magimum said...

Hi Tulip and once again thanks for your photos.

If anyone's interested there's a P2T thread on the times health club forum, free to join, just create an account and there's a load of other info as well. I found it from India's blog.

Of course, this is a good place to hang out if Tulip doesn't mind having a kitchen full.....


Tulip said...

Ellen, you shouldn't be hungry on this WOE...and remember, everything with an IPD tag is allowed (only a few are Ph2)