Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Butter Chicken

Here it is... Traditionally served with broccoli on the side

I expected it to be chicken with a yellow buttery sauce, but on closer inspection of the ingredients I quickly realised it would be red! The knack to this recipe is cooking the onions until caramelised, do it slowly on a low heat and you will be rewarded with sweet tasty onions for the base of your sauce. I served this with broccoli as I didn't have any spinach like the book suggested.

Served in a bowl with 100% scoopablitity!


Marie said...

That looks delicious Tulip! As always!

Troubleonline said...

It looks like you didn't add the cream perhaps? Mine was a lot lighter - still red but creamier looking. Maybe I was too heavy handed with the cream!! Also great doused with loads of chopped fresh coriander and served with sauted spinach and mushrooms.