Thursday, 7 February 2008

Spinach Soup....sort of! Trout served on ribbons of Courgettes with a Cream and Almond Sauce

I started out making Bee’s Spinach Soup from the Cookbook, but subbed so much stuff, it’s totally different!!! I used leek tops for the onion, and half a bag of spinach and half a bag of watercress, followed the method exactly and voila…a fantastically green soup which had much more body to it that I was expecting. V. Nice!!!

For dinner last night we had Trout with Almonds served with steamed ribbons of courgettes (page 178) and roasted vine tomatoes. Didn’t sub anything and it was perfect! Bee said to use 2 trout fillets per person but I only used 1 per person as two would have been too much for us.

Slender ribbons of Courgettes,steamed and drizzled with lemon juice and Olive oil (another one of Bee's brilliant ideas!!)

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