Monday, 11 February 2008

12 eggs later and I finally have it....

Homemade Mayonaise!!!

Firstly let me thank those three girls on the IPD forum (you know who you are!) for coming to my rescue and giving me invaluable advice on how to turn photo 1 into photo 3.
I was 9 eggs down when I went screaming for help!!!

Photo 1

Photo 2 - not quite thick enough

  1. It wasn’t easy, but knowing a few basic rules helped no end.
  2. Eggs at room temperature
  3. Whisk eggs until emulsified (really thick) BEFORE adding anything else (my biggest mistake – do it longer than you think you need)
  4. Add spoiled egg mixture (see photo 1) slowly until it’s all used up.
  5. By Gosh I’ve done it (see photo3 & 4)

Photo 3 - neally all mixed in

Photo 4 - My very own jar of mayo!

Must thank BC for my back up plan 'B'!!


Jules said...

I've never made mayo before, but yours looks fab. How long does it keep for?
Sorry I haven't responded to your tag yet. I was tagged with a different questionaire last week and will do yours in the next couple of weeks if that is ok.

Tulip said...

Hi Jules, no worries about the questionaire. The mayo is great and I've been told it should last a few days. I've got loads, think I should offer it out to friends!

Marie said...

Great looking mayonnaise Julie! Well done!

Cottage Smallholder said...

Thank you so much for coming to my rescue.

Your mayo looks great!