Friday, 31 August 2007

How Cute is this?

I saw this cute little cake while on holiday.

I fell in love with it...

I Umm'd and arhhh'd in the shop for a while and said that I wanted it!

Husband says "What for?"

I say " Coz it's cute"

He says "What would you use it for?"

I say " I don't know....yet!

He says "Don't waste your money"

I say "Ok, give me some cash to pay for this [another item I had in my hand"], he hands over a tenner I sneakily take BOTH items to the till while the girls distracted their poor unsuspecting Dad!

He says "Gorrr, I didn't get much change!"

I say nothing!

Girls just giggle.

Now don't get me wrong, he's not a stinge flint and I certainly don't have to ask to buy things, but sometimes sneaking little treats like this just makes them all the more special. It also keeps him on his toes and secretly he likes to be seen as the poor guy who lives in a house with 4 women. He works hard to keep cash in his wallet, he also gets everyones sympathy that way!

When I was busted and the thing was unwrapped at home,

He said "So what are you going to do with it?"

I said "Put sugar in it of course!!!"

He rolls his eyes and said "How long did it take you to find a use for it?"

I winked and replied "A bit longer than it took me to find a use for you dear!"

You cheeky buggar was his retort!


Marie said...

Hehehe. Loved this. That would go perfectly with my cherry cake butter dish, which Todd can't figure out why I wanted either! What do men know about when it comes down to the finer things in life!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually into ornamental things but *this* IS really cute and it would have taken my fancy too LOL.
Wonderful Blog, I'm enjoying reading and popping in. I particularly like your idea of traveling Europe in a van, enjoying the cuisine and spending the kids inheritance, Wonderful!!!
regards & Hugs ... Kiwidutch.