Saturday, 10 December 2011

I haven't posted since August
I've had a horrible 2011. 
It all started in January with my brother Bryan, he had flu over Christmas 2010, was admitted into hospital on the Sunday 2nd and I got the call on Tuesday to say that he wasn't expected to make it, he passed away on the Thursday of that same week. 
In the same month my Mum admitted her mobility was such she could no longer manage on her own, she moved to a new flat closer to me and in the April it was decided that it would be best all round if I gave up my Pampered Chef business to care for her full time. This turned out to be a good decision as I went on to be admitted into hospital for two separate health issues myself!!
In August Mum's health became a real worry, she got a cough that she couldn't shift... on the 5th October she was admitted into hospital and the following 24 days were the worse ever... sadly she died of lung cancer just 2 days after her 80th Birthday

I'm not sure when I'm going to post here again but I post recipes on my Facebook page daily if you'd like to follow me...
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For all my IPD followers (and there's LOADS of you) come on over and join in, lots of the recipes can be adapted for the pink path

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Marie said...

You just come back when you're ready Julie. In the meantime here's a hug. ((((hugs)))) Love you. xxoo