Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Pampered Chef Conference... :-(

The Pampered Chef National Conference was in full swing last week... New product announcements, new brochure launch and all the excitement of the directors events and gala dinner... Sadly I wasn't there :-( 

Team Tulip 2010

Back in June I had to make the difficult decision to stop trading as a PC Consultant!  Now as regular readers on here know, I love my job, love Pampered Chef,  the products, my work colleagues and the flexibility of running my own business.

I started my own Pampered Chef business primarily for the flexibility it offered me.  I was told I could earn a full time wage in part time hours and with money tight and time even tighter  I thought I had nothing to lose but to give it ago.  It needed to fit around caring for my in-laws, they were both ill and needed someone around to attend hospital appointment and pop round at the drop of a hat... or indeed a dropped tablet or  a doctors home visit... who has an employer who would allow that much flexibility?  Pampered Chef did.... I ran my business successfully for 3 years, juggling the oldies in the day time with paperwork and combining a great social life with my shows in the evening. I never had to do more than 3 a week to give earning that much promised 'full time' wage... I was in my element... I had a lovely team, a couple of shows a week, money in my pocket and a kitchen full of fab quality products but then in a blink of an eye it all changed!

My mum who has had health issues for a number of years was registered disabled... the things that she had struggled with for years were now beyond her, it was pretty obvious from the outset that she was going to need long term help. I am the type of person who likes to do things well, I am quite hard on myself, if I'm going to do something I have to do it well, it was clear I was going to have to spend time with Mum which led me to the decision to edit my life. I had to prioritise and sadly I had to pass my team on to my Director and give up my consultancy...pass the in-laws on to the rest of his family and care for my Mum full time!!!  I  still have my part time job with the Diocese and that is about just enough especially as my own health hasn't been 100%

I do miss it but I've made the right decision, Mum is happier, I can spend time with her during the day and be home with my family in the evenings.

With that decision under my belt and loads of consultants as friends I have become a preferred customer... with the NEW BROCHURE out in September with 19 new products  I WANT THEM ALL.....

Short Glasses to match my others!
To all my ex hosts, guests and friends who would also like a new brochure get in touch with Liz Cooke and she'll send you one too!

Food Processor
- same mechanism as the salad spinner which was fantastic, so I'm expecting good things on this
- A great addition to my glamping kit!!!

If you would like to host a show...
are in Swindon contact Kerry Heaphy
in Gloucester contact Maggie Kirby
or if you're in the Stonehouse area contact Sarah L Jackson

Heads up on the new pink products available in October


Marie said...

Change is never easy Julie, and I know how you struggled with this decision, but it is the best one for you at this time. Once things in your life calm down again you may be able to go back to it. I know how much you loved it and I know first hand how very good you were at it! Love ya! xxoo

Sarah's Pantry said...

Thank you for the mention Julie! You're looking better, sounding relaxed and you actually have time to meet up for coffee in Blooms!
See you in September, you lovely lady, you. xxxx