Wednesday, 25 May 2011

''twas the week before her 16th birthday...

...and she asked...
“Can I design my own birthday cake?” 
“Of course you can my lovely!!!”

She had found a recipe online for a black forest gateaux. I gave it  a read, and you know when it just doesn’t sound right? The ingredients list was causing me some concern, it was missing something, I just got the hunch that it wouldn’t work... I read the reviews and it confirmed my fears, others had tried and failed, but I got the gist of what she wanted...

What she was after and it took us a week to gather the chosen recipes together was a cake to top all cakes!
4 layers (2 chocolate, 2 vanilla) sandwiched together with fresh cream, chocolate mousse and dark cherries, liberally doused in kirsch when all covered in dark chocolate ganache THEN topped with chocolate curls and 16 whole cherries, one for each of her years on this planet!!!

First layer was a Mary Berry genoese sponge cake, Nigella's chocolate mousse, cherries

top with a chocolate genoese sponge layer, then sandwich the next layer together with fresh cream.

Remember to use pitted cherries or remember to pit them BEFORE  you make the cake!!!

The Ultimate Birthday Cake!

When cut the layers were very impressive... everyone gave it a WOW!!

Then they demolished it.... this was all that was left... she has such greedy friends!!

Happy 16th Birthday Jo-Jo!


Marie said...

Perfect Julie! It looks delicious and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jo Jo!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the cake looks amazing!! Where did you find the recipe for the genoese sponge? Would love to try one with this inspiration!