Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 27 and I have new batteries in my Scales

We needed new batteries in the scales to weigh the suitcases... I knew he'd get on them this morning, I didn't hear a scream so it couldn't have been that bad.  I used them this mornign too... I've lost 9 1/2lbs in 26 days that's over a half a stone in weight, no wonder I can't feel my back fat and my trousers are feeling comfortable. I think its just given me the boost I need to carry on with the next 14 days!!! 

I will then go onto P2...

...until then I need to find some new recipes to have for breakfast as I'm sick of eggy stuff, any suggestions?

Breakfast: I had eggs!!!

Spicy sausage, leftover salsa gently fried with 2 eggs scrambled into them and served with homemade mayo!

Lunch: A Smörgåsbord of of cold meats and cheese... didn't want the tomatoes so Bobby and Ozzy shared them!

Dinner: Leftover lamb curry with Cauliflower rice. I've really got this rice business sorted, lightly steam cauli florets until tender then using the Pampered Chef  mix and chop chop it until its the consistency of rice. No mess, no fuss just neatly chopped cauliflower rice... I love you mix 'n' chop...

Text from Bex: I've had raw meat... blurgh!!!!  (I take it she wasn't impressed by the Carpaccio then?)

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