Thursday, 17 March 2011

Day 9

Thursday and I'm feeling great! I noticed a really difference yesterday.
I'm alert when the alarm goes off, not groggy at all AND and I'm not sure I want to admit this, but I didn't need my afternoon nap yesterday either!!!  Each afternoon around about 3pm I usually get a slump in my energy levels, my batteries run out and I'm good for nothing, but yesterday I sat down when I got in from work and didn't fall asleep.... I carried on the conversation with one teenager until the other one came in and took over and I was still awake... an achievement in itself really!!  This has got to be directly related to my diet, I don't feel stuffed full of wheat, I have no sugar high to come off which in turn does not result in a sugar slump... if you're not feeling 100% look at what you eat, is it making you worse?

Breakfast - Cauliflower mash with grilled bacon....boring..... I know, but we like it and after all, some people have the same cereal every day for years!!  We love this breakfast, so we'll keep having it until it all runs out which will be tomorrow - its scrambled eggs and smoked salmon!!!

Snack - Mini Stuffing balls

Not a great photo but a lovely little snack. I use the butchers sausage meat mixed with onion, sage and pine nuts or apricots in P2, whizz everything but the nuts in the food processor then hand mix the nuts so they are left whole, roll into bite size balls and put them in one layer on a piece of stoneware and roast in a 180c fan oven for 15-20 minutes depending on size. You want them golden and sticky, so low and slow is the way to go.
Lunch - Left overs from the day before

Dinner - Spanish Chicken - Page 154 from the Pink book served with buttered cabbage

A meat feast of Spanish loveliness, chicken, chorizo, sausage onion, tomatoes and paprika, served with lightly steamed green beans made a great evening meal.

Lots of water today in the earlier part of the day and I slowed up by the evening... also walked to Nana's and back with Ozzy a good 40 minutes there and back!


Quirky Cafe said...

Leftover cauliflower mash for me this morning too :-) x

Marie said...

It all sounds very good Julie! It looks good too! xo

Pammie said...

Hi I have just gone gluten and dairy free :-)
I have a lot of pampered chief items so I would be go grateful for any wheat free recipe ideas ..

Glad you are feeling better

Cherrybeauty said...

I just joined your blog - looks great. Just started diet and looking fwd to making the cauliflower mash! Sxx

Sharon said...

Just joined your blog - looms great! Nom nom to cauliflower mash! Sxx

Tulip said...

Welcome ladies!
The cauli mash is fabulous, great for breakfast with bacon or lovely on top of a shepherds pie.
Any questions, just ask!

Pammie - if you search under IPD or Wheat free on my blog all the recipes... can't guarentee dairy free, although I'm sure you can sub alternatives... good luck!