Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day 5

Today is going to be tricky - I'm out for lunch celebrating a lovely ladies 80th birthday. I'm going to do my best but promise, promise, promise to keep off the wheat, I'm feeling so much better without it!

Breakfast will be light as our lunch is pretty early. Maybe that antipasto from yesterday?
Well after a lazy morning reading in bed this morning I only had time for a small plate of mozzarella and parma ham, very quick and tasty!

My lunch was lovely and I was very good, with only one little treat ;-)  My starter was a prawn cocktail, I passed on the bread then had Salmon with a creme fraiche sauce, a selection of green veg and a small helping of red cabbage* for my main course, then for dessert I had a vanilla and champagne pannacotta, this was the only wheat free thing on the menu so I opted for it, very nice it was too.  No wine and only two sips of champagne for the toast and a black coffee, I really enjoyed my lunch and didn't feel as if I was dieting at all, didn't feel all bloated and horrible either :-)

No photos as I left the camera in the car!

* (Not IPD friendly but was a good compromise from the carrots!)


Marie said...

You'll be fine Julie. You are a great example to so many! (Including me!) xxoo

hannah said...

well done on having a lunch out and still sticking to the diet as good as u could!

im shocked that red cabbage is not allowed, for some reason i thought it was good and i been having loads of it! thnx for writing about it!