Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Day 22

Started the morning with my usual two latte cups of hot water, had a small bowl of porridge today. I know its not P1 but I'm not going to have time to eat until much later and don't want to fall into the trap of snacking or being over hungry like yesterday. Made with water it is comfort in a bowl, try to get the best you can afford, it really does make a difference to the taste and the smoothness of the oats.

Lunch will be a ham and Camembert salad, with a mixed green leaf, it has coriander in it (my favourite) If I make the salads different, with herbs and different dressings I never get bored of them. Paul is having left over corination chicken and cauliflower rice.

Dinner: Courghetti bolognese

Now this was a revelation.  I used my spiralizer to make courgette 'spaghetti' dropped it into my homemade bolognese while it was heating up and served it with grated Parmesan. Delicious.... it looked the part and tasted very pasta like, but without the bloat!

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