Saturday, 19 February 2011

Jane's little Berry Tarts!

I first had these at a training day with the Pampered Chef, made by the lovely Jane from Team Kirby. For lunch we were asked to provide a plate of PC goodies, we're all foodies and all gain from seeing and eating other PC recipes (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) The lunch table was full of scrummy Pampered Chef recipes including these lovely little tarts. If anyone can tell me the recipe for that pasta salad we had I'd be grateful!?

These were made in the Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan with sweet shortcrust pastry dibbed to perfection, cooked blind (remember to prick the bottom of the pastry otherwise it will puff up.) and left to cool.  For the filling I mixed extra thick double cream with crème fraiche and a touch of vanilla flavoured icing sugar and piped it into the empty pastry cases using the star nozzle on my easy accent decorator. The berry topping was a mix of berries left to marinate in a little lemon juice and icing sugar just until the the berries started to give up a little of their juice... amazing! This was made from memory because while I was scoffng them we were all all quizzing Jane on how she'd made them. I hope I got it right Jane? They'll tasted delicious either way!

Oh yeah and before it gets lost in all the scrummy food - the training day with our brilliant Executive Director Sue Caldwell - I don't just go for the lunch, the training and support we get as consultants is second to none. It was as expected, it was an amazing day! As always she inspires, motivates and passes on great ideas and tips so our hosts and guests get the very best out of their Pampered Chef Shows! Thanks to all those who helped to organise such a great day especially the infamous Sarah 'L' Jackson* who organised the Gloucester Posse!

*If she could remember any of the original S L Jackson's quotes she may say something like 'That's one tasty Little Berry Tart!!'  'I'm loving these gawd damn berry tarts on this gawd damm Pampered Chef lunch table"  (Did you see what I did there?  I can't say her name without trying to quote the man himself (Samuel L Jackson for those who are still struggling!!!) 

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