Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cinnamon Swirl Tea Bread... Toasted!

A couple of weeks ago I was fortune enough to travel north to see my dear friend Marie. She was hosting a Pampered Chef show where I would demonstrate a couple of my favourite recipe for her.. now showing Marie how to cook new recipes is a bit like taking coals to Newcastle, very bizarre but while her show was a great success, food went well, company was great and I met Dawn, who is now a new member of my team. The highlight has got to be the scrummy food she made for me... she sent me home with a goodie bag full of Cinnamon Swirl Tea Bread.

Now when something arrives from Marie, it doesn't last long, Jo usually jumps on it and claims it as hers. Luckily I got in first and managed to slice and toast a couple of pieces of this... oh wow... so good and to quote Marie "its all rich and buttery and filled with a delicious cinnamon swirl", she advises that "you'll want to keep it all to yourself . . . but alas . . . it is TOO good not to share" . . . well sorry Maire, you had already shared it, I felt that was where it should stop... I ate both pieces myself!!! 
This was the 'taste' I woke up with this morning, so there's nothing else left to do that bake one myself... by Wednesdy if there is any left I'll toast it for my breakfast...mmmm roll on midweek!!!

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Marie said...

Oh yum Julie, you have me wanting to go into the kitchen and bake another one! It was so much fun havin gyou here, and then having you and Paul here just a few days later was like the icing on the cake! Such a bonus!! xxoo