Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jamie's 30 minute meal

I sat watching Jamie O's 30 minute meals on catch up earlier today and watched the one where he makes mushroom risotto with a cucumber and spinach.

I checked the fridge and I had all the ingredients to do the spinach salad but lacked mushrooms for the risotto...

 but I did have asparagus, mint and lemon... so that's what I did, cooking it in the 30 minute style. It turned out fabulous!

 Didn't have the stuff to do the dessert he suggested but did have everything to make a huge banoffee pie!

This was delicious... expertly made by Jo.  The recipe she used as base loosely on this one here however she used butter and kept it plain.

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TJ said...

Did you manage to make it all in 30 minutes? I wish i happened to have all the stuff in the fridge to make a big banoffee pie, i am jealous!