Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Homemade Beefburgers

Another one of my pampered chef gadgets is the ice cream sandwich maker, fabby little product that make professional looking beef burgers in minutes! (I've never got round to making ice cream sandwiches with it yet!!!) I use good quality minced beef steak add seasoning a clove of crushed garlic and sometimes a herb or spice of choice. I've tried Mexican & Italian seasoning, both with great results! I once had potatoes and veg left over from a Sunday dinner and spend a couple of minutes turning it into bubble and squeak burgers, they were really tasty served with leftover meet on Monday!

Anyhoo, back to my beef burgers, I cooked them in the Pampered Chef griddle pan for about 5 minutes each side and they were delicious!

Open freeze the ones you don't need for another time!

If you use good quality meat they don't shrink to nothing in the pan. Don't you just love the lines on them? They tasted so good!

No photos of the end dish I'm afraid as once I'd popped them into homemade burger rolls with salad, stilton or cheddar and large dollop of homemade mayonnaise they disappeared before I could get the camera out!

Click on the highlighted words for recipes and do let me know if you try them out yourself!

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