Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Village Bakery Organic Christmas Treats!

I got sent some fabby organic Christmas Goodies the other day.

 A lovely Christmas pud

...and 4 deep filled mince pies.

I was really surprised by the quality of these mince pies; I don't usually buy them as I’m a homemade girlie but seen as these were among other things, wheat free I was interested!
Thick crumbly 'pasty' with a sugared topping. I didn't think this would go down well, I’m not a sugar topping type person, but it really helped with the overall pastryness (yes, that is a word!!!...well it is now!) It was crispy with a melt in the mouth deliciousness just like regular pastry. I was very very surprised as in my experience of wheat free pastry is like cardboard. Not this one...yummo!

My first bite revealed a centre packed to the brim with moist tasty filling! Rich, spicy and moreish...:-( I am ashamed to say that I ate the whole packet of 4 in one day!
The only downside to these is they are not real pastry, they lack that buttery crumbly pasty texture but with a wheat intolerance that gives me jip if I scoff down the real ones these are (IMHO) the best on the market! If you’re a mince pie lover but have to follow a gluten free, wheat free, dairy free or vegetarian diet you will love these!

I’ll be placing my order with Able and Cole before Christmas, you can too by clicking here

As for the Christmas pudding, I'll pop back and tell you about that later. With Paul working away I haven't had chance to try it. After eating ALL 4 mince pies, I'm sure I'm going to love the pudding too...don't really think I should eat it all to myself, so will wait until he gets home and share it. I'm sure you'll appreciate two reviews instead of the where's that white sauce recipe???

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