Monday, 6 July 2009

Hot Cross Buns still making an appearance...

I know its not Easter and I'm usually such a stickler for eating seasonally but its an old photo and it was taken only a few weeks after Easter Sunday....and remember Easter is a season not just a day!

This is a family favourite recipe that I picked up from a supermarket magazine. I've saved the recipe here so it never gets lost. It is super quick to put together [apart from the rising time obviously!] and never fails.

They are great fresh but just as nice toasted the next day. This year I cook them in my pampered chef square baker  with amazing results, I really noticed the difference from last year which were cooked in an equivalent sized metal tin. They weren't as dry as last years, soft and fluffy on the inside and an even crispiness on the outside.

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Lucy said...

Ahh although these ARE Easter-eaten generally, I think buns so delicious shouldn't be saved! Yummy :)