Monday, 1 June 2009

A Chocolate Chip Angel Cake in my Pampered Chef Pan

This is my first ever attempt at making an angel cake and sadly the last...

It rose beautifully and was light as a feather BUT as we girls know, size isn't everything!!!

Look at the colour and depth of that cake! I was really impressed and was looking forward to the Ohhh's and WOWs from the family...this was a chocolate chip angel cake with chocolate icing, how were they not going to be impressed!

Sadly it was a big fat failure....most of it went in the bin!!!
They likened the texture to memo in God's name they know what that tastes like I'll never know, but they didn't like it at all and unfortunately I had to agree with them. It was way too sweet with the strangest texture ever... dry but sweet and the sponge while being very light had a springy texture that felt ever so strange on the tongue!!!
Maybe us Brits are just not used to that sort of cake, what with us being a Victoria sponge sort of nation!
It has 95 reviews giving it 5 stars on recipezaars so I won't be posting my review as it would be totally unfair to bring the ratings down. The recipe went together really well with easy to follow instructions, it looked impressive and I'm sure the texture was just right too, it was just not to our liking! If angel cake is your thing, or you fancy know what memo foam tastes like, click on the link below for the recipe!!!


Marie said...

Angel food cake really is a bit like eating foam rubber actually. Their only saving grace is that they are light and actually very low in fat. They do come alive however when torn apart and served with crushed sliced berries. Or, and this is REALLY good, cut a slice off the top, hollow it out and fill it with a mixture of berries and whipped cream, put the top slice back on and then frost the whole thing with whipped cream. Decadent, perhaps, delicious, absolutely! I want one of those pans. How much are they? Can you order me one?

Tulip said...

You're right Marie, it was low in fat, we did served it with cream and berries and it was ok once the cream and soaked in but still strange!
As for the pan, I have added a link to the bottom of the post. They are £21 with £5 P&P, call me if you want to order one and I'll stick it on when I put a show through. They don't sell them with the bundt piece in it anymore... not much call for them in the UK market no doubt but if you'd prefer one of those I can ask around to see if anyone has one going spare and I can post it on to you. Let me know which one you'd prefer!

Patchwork Dragon said...

What a shame Julie...but fat free cakes do tend to be like that.

Sylvie said...

Oh what a shame. It's so annoying if things don't turn out like you'd like them to.