Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Brockleby's Organic Pork Pie

As a rule of thumb I don't eat pork pies. I watch a programme once that showed how they made them and it totally put me off them. That said, I do occasionally fancy a bite or two, what with the thick pastry, lining of jelly and meaty filling, but usually after one bite they do tend to disappoint don't' they?

Well let me tell you this one didn't. I had one of these Brockleby's organic picnic pork pies and it was fab! The pastry was thick and not at all soggy, the jelly, wow it was so tasty, like the finest stock the filling was meaty with no gristly bits you associate with pork pies.

This was the best darn pork pie I've ever tasted. I will be serving these again.

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