Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Online Food Hygiene Training

On the 27th April I sat at my desk and undertook food hygiene training....ONLINE!!! How cool is that?

I've held a food hygiene certificate since 1994, it lasts for 3 years and then you need a refresher course. I was looking around at local colleges for Food Hygiene courses, when I had an email from Victoria asking me if I'd like to trial the online food hygiene course on virtual college.co.uk I jumped at the chance...I cleared my diary for the morning and sat at my desk and logged on!

WOW - it was so simple, almost child friendly with great graphics easy to follow instructions and I whizzed through it even though you could do it in sections and go back to it later, I did it all in one go... it was almost addictive! After each section I was given a mini test to see if I had understood what I learnt and then at the end I sat the final test...

...The pass rate was 75% but...

Drum roll please......

100% pass!!!!! Yay me...sorry for blowing my own trumpet but I am pretty anal when it comes to food hygiene so would have been pretty upset if I'd got less!!!

Now for the amazing bit.....I accepted my online congratulations and logged off with the promise that my certificate would be posted out to me soon. Can you imagine my amazement when my post lady knocked on the door the very next morning with my certificate!!!!! Now that's what I call good service, never have I had my certificate so soon, not even when I did training at the local college and that's only a couple of miles up the road!!!! 100% for efficiency virtual college

Although I don't officially need a food hygiene certificate to be a pampered chef consultant as all ingredients are bought by the host and I cook in the hosts house. I do feel better for having one, especially as I cook for visitors at work and I'm the first to volunteer to cook the Lenten lunches for our older parishioners and the annual cake sale at church.

So a great thumbs up to the virtual college, I'd recommend everyone who does anything with food gets food hygiene training.
Check out their website


Marie said...

Congrats on the excellent mark Julie! I need to re-do my food hygiene certificate. I think mine is out of date by about 3 years or so!

Tulip said...

Thanks Marie,
I'd recommend doing it online, it was really easy to do and I was able to do it when it suited me. Follow the link to find out more. Its about the same price as i have paid in the past and that was when we group booked so very very well priced all things considered! Let me know if you decide to do it!