Saturday, 9 May 2009

Jan's Jambalaya made the low carb way!

Jan is one of my zaars friends so her recipes are not IPD friendly but I really liked the look of her jambalaya so made a few changes so it would be with great results.

I was a little concerned by the colour but taking another look at Jan's her rice was a little tainted by the colour of the paprika and chorizo too. The cauliflower just took on a little more.
I followed Jan's recipe except I used only one fresh red chili and one teaspoon of the ground chili (We are weaklings in the chili stakes...not like Jan) I replaced the 300g of rice with 300g grated cauliflower and only needed 300ml of chicken stock.
The taste was fab and the texture while very different to a jambalaya made with rice was more than acceptable. I will defiantly make this again and the addition of fresh prawns is wonderful...can't beat them!
Thanks Jan for posting!


Marie said...

Looks good as always Julie! Wish I could eat prawns, unfortunately, I am allergic!

Amanda said...

I love prawns, this looks delicious!

Jan said...

Glad you liked it Julie! I'd have never thought to use cauliflower instead of rice - a great idea!