Friday, 15 May 2009

Flaxseed Crackers

With buter and thinly sliced cheddar cheese

Butter and a little ham

soft garlic cheese

My favourite!
These were very easy to make, I baked them on my medium bar pan rolling them straight into the pan with a bakers roll which I had to dip in water to stop it sticking. Score them to the size you want before putting in the oven. This makes them easier to cut later.
It was the first time making these and I was nervous of over cooking but I'm not sure that's possible as I let them cool then broke them up into the pieces I'd scored earlier and put them back on the stone and back in the oven for 10 minutes, they really are at the their best when very crispy!
The left overs went into an airtight tin but seemed a little soft the next morning so I....popped it in the toaster!!! Amazing results, hot, crisp and just waiting for me to spread butter and marmite on to them! I have been out and bought more ingredients I'm making them again for the weekend!


Sylvie said...

Julie, those look like a great snack.

Marie said...

Those look wonderful and crispy!! One of these days I am going to order some PC. I love their products!

Susan said...

Oh, those crackers and cheese look great! I agree w/ Sylvie, they do look like a great snack!