Monday, 27 April 2009

Sweetner Update

The Poll is closed and the findings were interesting to say the least. Splenda won.... :-( This is my least favourite of all of them!!! Don't like the aftertaste at all!

These are my findings, just personal preferences, and where taste is concerned there is no right or wrong. But for my easy of use, taste or more importantly, aftertaste and the biggest test of all is if I can convince my Mother-in-law & Father-in-law (MiL & FiL) that its sugar!!!!

I have made a cake with Hermasetas and it was great, no aftertaste at all, the cake didn't rise as much as with one made of sugar but for diabetic in-laws this hit the spot. Neither of them could tell the difference!!

The canderel looks and smells more like the real thing, we are using that in the sugar bowl at the moment, the texture is the closest to the original so very good at convincing the oldies, BUT it is the most expensive.
I made a rice pudding with it yesterday and again no aftertaste and passed the sweet tooth test of F-I-L!!!

Tesco is the cheapest, and a good sugar substitute, it has little or no aftertaste and as it comes in a plastic jar feels like you're buy nothing but air...its so light! Haven't baked with this one yet but when I do I will come back and update you!
I still have sweetness & Light to cook with yet, I have used it in hot drinks and did the wet finger taste test and that was good, my girls like this one as its in a pink jar...but we can't judge it on that now can we???


Marie said...

Interesting study Tulip. I have used the top one when I was doing low carb several years ago. Sugar Twin is supposed to be good for baking and in America you can even get Brown Sugar Twin.

Emma said...

Morning Tulip Fairy - wondering if you've been able to access Pig2Twig today or is it just me...

Tulip said...

Morning Emma,

I can't get in either, I have posted today so there is someone for twiggers to post until its back on!

Claire said...

Hiya, a friend of mine twigged me into this delicious blog! don't know how I've missed it. Anyway, loving the recipes, devotee of Pampered Chef via my sister in law (we are kitchen gadget hounds!).

Wanted to add my ha'pennys worth on the sweetener issue. I have been going 'low GL' (glycemic load) for a long time now, and love it. But I hate artificial sweetners and was keen to find an alternative. So very happy to find something called 'Sweet Freedom' in Wholefoods on recent trip to London, and then in my local Tesco at the weekend! It's a syrup, made from fruit only, really sweet, mucho bang for buck in terms of sweetness, and also low GL.

Husband is diabetic and loves it. We used to use agave syrup but its not as nice.

Bakes well etc, have made some incredible flapjacks!

Thanks for the great recipe inspiration, and sorry for the long post!

love Claire :o)

Tulip said...

No worries about the long post...its good to hear from you. Don't you just love pampered chef? I'm a huge gadget fan too!

As for 'sweet freedom' that sounds good, I need something I can bake with which is Low GI for me but is still ok for the inlaws diabetes...sound like you may have found it for me...thank you.

Check out my pampered chef website

Anonymous said...

Hi Tulip - my faves are the silicon bits, muffin trays, cake trays, tongs, trivets, etc, and I have the fab oil sprayer thingy too that gets daily use. I have been trying to be a bit more 'recession sensible' and not splurge ... but I feel the pull of the catalogue now! must get in a huddle with Silla (sister in law) and see what is 'vital' ha ha ha

Claire (who is having trouble logging on!)