Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dottoressa's Chocolate Muffins

Stiffly whipped egg whites - make sure your bowl is super clean otherwise they will stay flat!

Step 2 - Mix the almonds, egg yolks, cocoa, sweetener* and optional
vanilla and cinnamon together in a bowl

Ready for the oven in my floral silicone cupcake pan

My individual IPD friendly chocolate cake with Crème fraîche and a frozen raspberry

A rather larger individual chocolate cake dessert!!!
The recipe belongs to Amanda from her Cake & Biscuit Diet website while this one was the chocolate muffin recipe, I prefer the Moist chocolate Muffins as the texture is more cake like, moist AND chocolate-y....what more do you need from a IPD friendly dessert??
Great for Diabetics and wheat free people too!!!!
* I used 'sweetness &; Light' sugar alternative and it was great, no aftertaste at all!


Henry North London said...

I did Dottoresas Moist chocolate muffins

Scoffed the lot in two days, Its seriously good stuff

Tulip said...

I know...wonderful arent they? I'm going to add chopped hazelnuts and cherries next time!!

chris said...

Looks great Julie.