Monday, 22 December 2008

Caramalized Red Onion & Double Gloucester Tarts

I made these in my mini muffin pan, rolling little balls of shortcrust pastry I shaped them with the mini tart shaper then filled them with red onion which I had slowly fried in a little olive oil until very soft and sticky. I mixed 2 eggs with a little double cream added salt and pepper and poured them into the pastry cases, topping with finely grated double Gloucester cheese I cooked them in a 180c oven for 20 minutes. Once cooked its best to remove them from the pan and cool on a wire rack until completely cold.

I made these for Deacon Luis 80th Birthday Bash and because I needed them to travel well to the party I left them in the pan after taking them out of the oven...unfortunately the pastry had gone a little soggy, but they still had a great taste! Eeeeh sometimes I never learn!

To make these IPD friendly, make them without the pastry, I do and they make a great little snack or even hearty lunch served with a green salad and homemade garlic mayonnaise!

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Marie said...

Soggy or not, they look delish!!