Sunday, 7 September 2008

Lunch box time again!

It's the start of the new term and its all about the lunch boxes. The kids usually take sandwiches or pasta with a piece of homemade cake and a piece of fruit [if I'm lucky] with a fromage fraise and an innocent drink. [the new blueberry being the favourite at the moment] Us grown ups like to stay clear of the bread and tend to take salads or soups. This is a spare salmon fillet that was cooked with last nights salmon and cabbage dish, cooled and stored in the fridge overnight then I topped a regular lettuce, tomato, cucumber salad with it the next morning. If you add mayo put it under the salmon that way it won't get all over your lunch box lid. If you serve it with an oily dressing, put it in a separate little pot or empty mustard pot jar and dress just before eating otherwise it will make your salad go soggy!

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chris said...

Good looking recipe as usual Julie.