Friday, 15 August 2008

Pork, Pesto & Gruyere Rolls

Not sure if this is what Bee's looks like...but this is mine all ready for the oven!

Red pesto may look better but green is probably lower in carbs!

The Meat was so moist and tender!

I'm not a great lover of pork, as a roast with lots of crackling is fine but chops, steaks, loin etc are not my cup of tea, mostly because I can't cook it very well. It usually turns out dry or undercooked and tasting bloody! Urgh!!

However this was nicely cooked, great filling, simple to do and impressive enough to serve to guests. I served it with Bee's luxurious coleslaw, which is another winner!

I struggled with Bee's new book at first, not that there's anything wrong with it, its just that I don't really need lunch ideas. I work in a kitchen then go home and cook in my own kitchen. Paul needs something he can eat in a lunchbox but no cooking or nothing too smelly as he works in a big office. So if I'd have had a choice I would have plumped for the meals for one book (I'd have doubled it) or the little book of curries (we love them) and I'd love to see her do a little book of low Carb Christmas recipes...that would be fab! Anyhoo, I had to get to grips with this book....I read it and re-read it, I love the humour in made me laugh out loud. I also scaled things up to turn them into main meals. I am now running with it, loving them all, every recipe I've made has turned out great, even the one that we preferred as a side dish rather than the main salad it was intended to be. Great with a steak on the side. I'm looking forward to autumn where I will pack Paul off with a flask of soup (haven't tried any of the soup recipes yet) Keep popping back as I intend to make them all.


Marie said...

Looks good as always Tulip. Is that pork fillet?

chris said...

Must get this book Julie.