Saturday, 9 August 2008

In honour of the beijing olympics...

...we ordered a Chinese take-away to eat while watching the highlights of the opening ceremony, which I must say, was fantastic!!! How the heck we are going to better that in 2012 I'll never know, but hey back to my take away!

After studying the menu we order enough food to feed the all the competitors in Beijing!
Sweet and sour chicken balls,
Chicken fried rice,
Cantonese chicken,
Beef with green pepper in a black bean sauce,
Chow mien,
prawn toast
prawn crackers
and a portion of chips (because we are ridiculously English)
We have enough left for lunch today...but not for me! Lovely as it was last night, it was sweet and sickly and I feel really bloated today. I have made a promise to myself to be more organised this week, eat a cooked breakfast, take lunch to work so I don't get over hungry and want to eat the dog with a side of chips as soon as I get through the door.
I have made my shopping list and weekly menu plan and I'm ready for a really healthy week ahead.
What is it that Bee is always saying? Organisation is the key to this way of that's what I am going to be....organised!! I will post my menu later today, the idea being that if I've promised you these meals I will deliver!

PS - The trifle will have to be started again....the kids ate the jelly and fruit BEFORE I could get any custard on it....typical!


Beth said...

A chinese wouldn't be a chinese without a portion of chips - thats my hubby's excuse anyway!!

chris said...

When I read the title I thought "oh my god she has made onion rings in five different colours", but alas I was wrong. I miss English Chinese food, I know that doesnt make sense but its different here. Oh and it must have chips, mmmmmm and prawn carckers and curry sauce. dont get them here either. Bloody Yanks. (just kidding)

Marie said...

haha at Chris's comment! I have never had a chinese takeaway! I know!!! can you believe it??? It's obvious that Ozzie played a hand in picking your menu!

troubleonline said...

Aaaww! Doggy looks like he wasnt sure what to order!!!