Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Courgette Bake

A little too brown on top???

This wasn't a successful as I thought it was going to be. My dish was too big, my oven too high and I baked it for too long. If there's nothing else I've learnt in cooking Bee's recipes, its that my oven is hotter than hers. I know that! You probably know that! but still I forget to adjust my cooking times!!! I have a fan oven, I should turn it down 10 degrees or reduce my cooking time by 10 minutes, that's what I usually do with other recipes, but somehow, with Bee's I always forget and end up having to adjust it the next time I make it. Oh well, it was still nice if a little lacking in depth and moisture.

Served with bacon and the re-heated fennel bake from the day before!

I served the leftovers cold in a lunch box with some coronation chicken and chopped was a lot like a quiche.

Bee, true to form caters for all tastes, this was a very plain and uncomplicated dish. The last piece was served with a dollop of Bubby's salsa on top of a salad, just to give it that WOW factor!

So note to self: Next time....

  • Smaller, deeper dish

  • 10 degrees cooler oven or

  • 10 minutes less in the oven

Remember these are just my adjustments, you and your oven may be different!


Sylvie said...

I'm having trouble to get used to my new oven, it also seems to be getting quite a bit hotter than the old one. Plus I had to change from gas back to electric.

Beth said...

hey i love quiche so i know i'd love this

Beth said...

hey i love quiche so i know i'd love this