Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Oh no - I've been tagged again! This time by Jan

Jan has a great blog so go on over and have a look!

I have to say 6 random things about myself......I hope you can stay awake while reading it...but hey, here goes!

1 - I always paint my toes nails red!

2 - I only ever wear M & S underwear

3 - I take a size 3 shoe

4 - I have lived in 16 different houses in my life.

5 - I have 3 part time jobs instead of 1 full time one and I love them all!

6 - If I could go back and enjoy my babies again I would...they are all grown up and I miss them being small.

What you do now:
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Here are my 6:

Marie from "A year at oak cottage"

Angie from "Stressed out Mum seeks inspiration"

Sylvie from "A pot of Tea and a Biscuit"

Nic from "Cherrapeno"

Chris from Raving of a misplaced Geordie

Sue from back to the table


Marie said...

I shall rise to the challenge Tulip! Hard to top you though. Your answers are fabulously intriguing and interesting . . . just like YOU!

Jan said...

Thanks Tulip - Loved reading your answers!

chris said...

Size 3 shoes!!!! What tiny feet you must have, how do you stand up, Id fallover if it werent for my size 7s. LOL


Tulip said...

Chris...I don't...but I always though it was the amount of vodka I drank...maybe its the size of my feet???

nicisme said...

Thanks Tulip - I'm really busy at the moment and may have to sit this one out.