Saturday, 5 July 2008

Maggie - This is the dressing I use, the full fat one not the ikky low cal one. There is a blue cheese dressing in the IPD cookbook which is nice but this is handy to have in the fridge. They also do a ranch dressing which is great too. I use it in the cauliflower pizza base.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tulip, don't live in the UK but will have a look. Can google a homemade recipe too. Will let you know if I come up with a goodie. Haven't tried the blue cheese one in the book but will do. Had Bee's Chilli bake tonight (inspired by your photos - your blog is great as the book is sadly lacking in photos which all cook books should have otherwise no complaints it is a great book).
PS Have heard of a splenda substitute called zylosweet. Have you tried it. I can't use splenda - it rubs my tastebuds up the wrong way

Anonymous said...

Opps that was from maggie. Don't know how to post properly it seems.