Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Red Onion, Courgette & Tomato Frittata

Saute red onion, courgette & sliced tomato with garlic

Place in round stone add 8 beaten eggs and sprinkle with parmasan cheese


Delicious hot, room temperature or served cold with a salad and french mayonnaise.

Edited to say...

Just remembered, I added a few sliced mushrooms, which added to the flavour but not to the look of the dish...things went a little dark and wasn't as nice once cold!

Did you know you can use your egg slicer to evenly cut button mushrooms...I just love my kitchen gadgets.


Marie said...

You can't beat a frittata for lunch or supper or even a snack. They're the perfect food and great for cleaning out the fridge!

Tulip said...

Hmmm strange cleaning habits you have....I tend to use Mr.

Beth said...

Fritatta's are so good for using up leftovers in fridge. This looks lovely!

Raquel said...

I like frittatas and yours looks loverly! Frittata is such a fun word to say - Free TaTa!! LOL