Sunday, 22 June 2008

No food to post today, so thought I'd share this from Sue...


*Seven ounces of flour left in the bag when you need eight.
*The lingering smell of fish in the room two days after a kedgeree.
*Not being sure whether the milk is off and being torn between tasting it, going out to buy more or pouring it into the ingredients and hoping for the best.
*Lemon juice in a cut.
*A casserole dish fractionally too small for your leg of lamb.
*Waiting for a very large saucepan of water to boil.
*Finding nine promising ingredients in the cupboard but realising that in no combination will they actually make a meal.
*Reading ‘reserve the liquid’ just after you’ve carefully strained said liquid down the sink.
*Finding only beef stock when your guests are vegetarian and wondering just how bad it would be if ………….
*Smoke alarms.

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Marie said...

I have a theory on the second last one . . . what they don't know don't hurt. I know . . . bad, but . . .